28 Jul 2021

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Job Description

The First Officer reports to the Chief Pilot or in their absence to the Director of Operations. Responsible to the PIC on all flights, preforms all flight duties as assigned by the PIC. Assumes the authority to act on the behalf of the PIC when the PIC shall become incapacitated. Assists the PIC in preparing and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of company aircraft in accordance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and company procedures.

This is a true Home based position with a standard 15/13 schedule, optional 8/6 Schedule.  


  • Safe and efficient flight operations for domestic trip assignments operating under Part 135 regulations while maintaining a high level of customer service
  • Maintain a high degree of professionalism, and ability to coordinate and lead the crew
  • Greeting of passengers, assistance with passenger seating, and luggage storage
  • Conduct passenger briefings and respond to passenger requests/needs
  • Adhere to the duties and responsibilities stated in all company procedures manuals.
  • Maintain a current first class medical certificate as required by policy and notify the company if a medical (physical or mental) condition may impair the ability to perform flight duties.
  • Functionally responsible to the pilot-in-command of the assigned flight.
  • Must meet duty time limitations, rest requirements, be qualified, current, properly dressed, and possess all required certificates, licenses, and permits.
  • Assist the pilot-in-command during all phases of flight in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Assume primary responsibility for the safety of the passengers, crewmembers, cargo, and the airplane should the pilot-in-command become incapacitated or unable to perform his/her duties.
  • Have primary operational responsibility for successfully completing the customer service portions of each leg as outlined in the policies and procedures manual.
  • Review thoroughly and brief the pilot-in-command specifically on all customer service items including, but not limited to passenger pick up, passenger drop off, refueling, customs, private hangar pick up/drop off, private hangar communications requirements, and passenger catering.
  • Must comply with all Federal Aviation Regulations, Company Operations Manual, Operations Specifications, Standard Operating Procedures, and Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Perform all assigned and implied tasks using Crew Resource Management (CRM) principles.
  • Update flight and duty records, determine eligibility for the next flight assignment and ensure any aircraft maintenance discrepancies are reported to the Captain and reported in accordance with Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Participate proactively in safety and quality systems by identifying, reporting and mitigating hazards and quality issues; providing timely input to management; and applying systems processes to address quality and safety issues.
  • Perform other duties and/or special projects as assigned by the pilot-in-command, the Chief Pilot or higher authority

Required Skills:

  • Working knowledge of all Federal Aviation Regulations applicable to Part 135.
  • Thorough knowledge of FAA, ICAO, and other international flight operations regulations
  • Strong organizational skills & advanced multi-tasking abilities
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal/written, and presentation skills are necessary to perform job at the expected level
  • Computer skills necessary to operate word processing, email and web-based and/or mobile device applications
  • Must possess a passionate attention to detail and the ability to work in a team atmosphere
  • Ability to present a well-groomed appearance at all times adhering to company standards


Must meet the minimum requirements listed below.


  • High school diploma or GED required. College degree preferred.
  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid FAA First Class Medical
  • CE525 SIC: 1500 TT, 500 PIC, 150 Multi, ATP
  • CE500/ CE560XL/ XLS SIC: 2500 TT, 750 PIC, 1000 Multi, 500 Turbine, 500 Multi PIC, 100 IMC
  • CE680/ CE750 SIC: 2500 TT, 750 PIC, 1000 Multi, 500 Turbine, 500 Multi PIC, 100 IMC
  • EFIS/FMS experience
  • Must be highly knowledgeable of the General Operations manual, FAA Regulations, Operations Specifications, Flight Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Policies and Procedures, and other pertinent information relating to this duty.
  • Must be able to complete training program, demonstrating proficiency with job requirements.
  • Strong communication customer service skills.

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to lift and move items of 70 pounds and/or more on a regular basis.
  • Ability to bend and/or squat repeatedly.

A 12 month pro-rated training agreement will be required. All pilots will receive a PIC type rating in assigned aircraft. Pilots that are already typed and current will qualify for a reduced training agreement. Must live within one hour of a major airport. 

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